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Waternode is an authorised Agent for Biokube A/S package wastewater treatment systems for Australia.

Biokube systems are engineered plug-and-play solutions, suitable for treating wastewater for a wide range of installations. Mobile containerised treatment solutions are also available to service the needs of remote communities such as mining camps and oil rig sites.


We can put together a customised solution for your unique water treatment application including carrying out development and pilot testing, if required.

We are also always actively looking to partner with unique and innovative technology developers in the water management industry, who are looking for a commercial partner to bring their product to the Australian market.


We are able to provide commercial advice and engineering support such as technology selection and procurement advice, project management and drafting support on a contract basis.

This provides your team with an option of additional resourcing to meet short term peak demands in workload or where you need that additional specialist expertise to help with a special project.


Award Winning Danish Technology

Biokube A/S based in Denmark, is a manufacturer of package wastewater treatment systems for decentralised applications. Biokube’s patented Danish technology is at the heart of more than 5000 global installations. These systems deliver effective treatment performance just as reliably in the typical suburban backyard as in harsh and remote environments of the Australian Outback, deserts of the Middle East, humid tropical areas of Asia and Pacific Islands and in the harsh winters of Scandanavia. Waternode proudly represents Biokube as its agent in Australia.

Biokube’s package treatment solutions service three main product segments

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Small Systems

(0.7 – 18 kL/day)
Small completely self-contained sewage treatment plants for small resorts/ hotels, farm-houses, restaurants or cafeterias. These pre-fabricated, plug-and-play systems can also be delivered with phosphorous removal kits and UV-tertiary treatment units.
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Medium & Large Systems

(25 – 2,500 kL/day)
BioKube’s range in this segment offers various models to provide flexible and scalable treatment solutions in both permanent and temporary wastewater treatment projects. Both above-ground and underground installation options are possible. Typical applications include larger hotels, resorts, villages and small towns.
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(50 – 250 kL/day)
Fully containerized wastewater treatment plants in either 20’ or 40’ standard shipping container options are available for easy setup and relocation. This solution is ideal for remote locations such as mining camps and oilrig sites.


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