Montagna Range | Open Channel

An innovative configuration for cost optimization and high efficiency

FLUX D is the latest range of open channel products from Montagna, which continue the tradition of offering performance efficiency with the benefits of energy and operational cost savings. The modular design allows the use of the product range in open channels systems and is a scalable, allowing the possibility to add capacity as requirements change.

The Flux D range is engineered with an oblique lamps array in a compact design, with lamps positioned at an angle of between 0° to 60° (from vertical) to optimise the water distribution within the reaction zone of the lamps. A wide range of customisation options are available for waste water disinfection projects, making the Flux D range ideally suited for use both in new and retrofit applications.

Image module
Image module

Key Benefits

The modular design of the Flux-D line allows:

  • Higher process efficiency and lower operational cost by retrofitting older, less efficient systems.
  • Simpler upgrades in the future for additional disinfection capacity.


The Flux-D line is specially designed for open channel applications with significant design flexibility to accommodate a wide range of flows and channel configurations.