Montagna Range | Open Channel

Configured for use with high water level applications

Designed for open channel applications, the Flux-V range is equipped with lamps arranged vertically (and perpendicular) to the direction of water flow. This configuration is particularly suitable for deeper channels with high water levels and for retrofits of disinfection splitter tanks with minimal modification. As with other equipment in the Flux range, the Flux-V frames are built in AISI316L stainless steel; they use the latest generation amalgam lamps and design options are available for automation and remote telemetry.
Image module
Image module

Key Benefits

Lamp replacement is extremely simple as it is not necessary to remove the UV Module from the disinfection channel. The electrical connection of each lamp is at the top of the UV Module and in a position that is accessible to operators.


The Flux-V range is designed for use in open channel systems with large flow rates.