Montagna Range | Closed Reactor

The UV disinfection system for the treatment of low transmittance fluids

The Forma-I product range is designed for applications with low transmittance fluids. The products use the latest generation of amalgam lamps, which are geometrically arranged inside the reaction chamber to maximise the UV-C exposure and to improve the effectiveness of the disinfection process.

Depending upon the application, the Forma-I reactors can include several options for automation (e.g. automatic wipers for lamp cleaning, modulation of lamp power supplies, ultraviolet intensity monitor, temperature sensor, remote telemetry).

Image module
Image module

Key Benefits

High efficiency at low transmittance and system automation enable the equipment to optimise overall management costs; from power consumption to the frequency of maintenance required.


Forma-I is suitable for a wide range of disinfection applications; with a particular focus on low transmittance fluids such as wastewater.