Montagna Range | Closed Reactor

Modular design for large flow rates in drinking water applications

The Kombi line provides closed reaction chambers, which are built as mono-block series and uses specific types of low-pressure lamps, depending on the site hydraulic constraints and process parameters of the application. The mono-blocks are made of AISI 316L stainless steel and are assembled onsite, making it possible to transport and install these units even within complex systems and plants. Each mono-block is designed with a series of UV lamps positioned at right angles to the flow. The assembly of mono-blocks is thus comprised of a mesh of lamps through which the flow is made to pass, to achieve the intended disinfection outcome.
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Key Benefits

The large reaction volume enables the processing of huge flow-rates within a closed reactor UV system with minimum hydraulic head loss. The modular design of the system and the use of low-pressure UV lamps optimises energy consumption. The sum of these design factors makes the Kombi line an economical solution for the treatment of large flow rates; where open channel systems cannot be installed.


The main application of the Kombi product line is in potable water treatment applications with high flow rates (> 1000 m3/h). This product line is custom engineered for each specific application.