Montagna Range | Closed Reactor

Effective treatment for small domestic, municipal and industrial applications

The Uno product line is designed for the treatment of high transmittance fluids for small to medium flow rates. The simple design is the outcome of over 50 years of design experience at Montagna. The Uno product line has several models, each with increasing treatment capacity.

The UV reactor systems are constructed in stainless steel with threaded inlet/outlet connections; contain high-intensity germicidal UV lamps and come with an electrical panel and connection cable. Fluid temperature sensor can be installed as an option.

Also, for large volume orders or for OEM clients with specific requirements, there are options to customise reactor construction material, hydraulic connections and electric components.

Image module
Image module

Key Benefits

The key features of this product line are

  • Installation flexibility,
  • Cost-effectiveness,
  • Easy system maintenance and management


The Uno line is designed for the disinfection of high transmittance fluids such as drinking water applications.