Aeration Solutions

XLAer range

Waternode’s XLAer range of high-performance aeration diffusers offers a wide selection of products; allowing significant flexibility to select the best diffused aeration product matched to each client’s specific water and wastewater aeration application.  The XLAer range of diffusers come with a complete set of accessories to make installation easy and cost effective.

We offer high levels of flexibility and customisation options for aeration applications to deliver real capital and operational savings.

A Wide Product Portfolio

  • Disc and tube diffusers.
  • Fine, medium and coarse bubble diffusers.
  • Different diffusers membrane options (EPDM; EPDM + PTFE, Silicone).
  • Installation accessories (saddles, clamps and supports).

Installation Types

  • Fixed-to-the-floor systems (with piping in u-PVC, PP-h, SS).
  • Removable systems (316SS and 304SS).
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Typical Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant.
Operating Cost
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Capital Cost
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Factors which control SAE (oxygen delivered per kilowatt hour) and savings are:

  • SOTE – aeration system design.
  • Blower efficiency.
  • System pressure loss.
Optimised aeration solution delivers bankable opex savings over life of asset.
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Diffuser Membrane Cleaning System

A reliable solution to clean the diffuser membrane surface without needing to take the aeration tank out of service or interrupting the treatment process.

An atomiser injects an organic descaling liquid along the dropleg. From there the nebulised liquid reaches the diffusers. A dosing pump controls the flow of the descaling liquid, increasing or reducing the flowrate of the descalant to adjust to the membrane condition.

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